Journal Publications & Working Papers

de Zegher, JF, Liu, B, Rende Taylor, L, Taylor, M (2021) Low-skilled labor shortages contribute to forced labor. Evidence from Myanmar and Thailand. - working paper

Fatunde, O, Calmon, A, de Zegher, JF, Romero, G (2021) The Value of long-term relationships when selling to informal retailers. Evidence from India - reject & resubmit, Management Science

  • Accepted at the 22nd ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC'21)

  • Second Place, 2021 Best Student Paper in Sustainable Operations (O. Fatunde), POMS Society

de Zegher, JF, Lo, I (2020) Crowdsourcing Market Information from Competitors - working paper

Bastani, H, de Zegher, JF (2019) Are Bans Effective under Limited Enforcement? Evidence from High Seas Management
- major revision, Management Science

  • People's Choice Award, 2019 Early-Career Sustainable OM Workshop

de Zegher, JF, Iancu, DA, Plambeck, EL (2018)  Sustaining Rainforests and Smallholders by Eliminating Payment Delay in a Commodity Supply Chain - It Takes a Village - reject & resubmit, Management Science

  • Honorable Mention, 2018 INFORMS George Nicholson Student Paper Competition

  • Winner, 2016 SAWIT Challenge, USAID, Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development & Indonesia Smallholders Association

  • Previously circulated as: "Pay It Forward: Sustainability in Smallholder Commodity Supply Chains"

Thorlakson, TR, de Zegher, JF, Lambin, EF (2018) Companies' Contributions to Sustainability through Global Supply Chains. [PNAS, vol. 115, no. 9, 2018]

de Zegher, JF, Iancu, DA, Lee, HL (2017) Designing Contracts and Sourcing Channels to Create Shared Value. [M&SOM, vol. 21, no. 2, 2017]

  • Second Place, 2016 Best Student Paper in Supply Chain Management, POMS Society

Active Research

"Two-sided Benefits of Price Transparency in Informal Supply Chains," with Y. Shi and I. Lo

"Crowdsourced market information increases revenues in informal supply chains," with T. A. Kari

"Creating and enriching digital road networks for optimization in remote areas," with V. Stienen, D. den Hertog and J. Wagenaar

"Designing low-skilled labor platforms that can detect forced labor," with B. Liu, I. Lo and C. Daskalakis

"Increasing widespread access to market information - Experimental evidence from rural Indonesia," with T. A. Kari and I. Lo

  • IRB approval obtained

"Stable Matching in Informal Smallholder Supply Chains," with S. Camelo and D.A. Iancu